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10 Stupidest Things Rich People Spent Money on

Alright, folks, buckle up for a wild ride through the extravagant and silly choices made by the rich and famous. From jaw-dropping to head-scratching, we're counting down the 10 stupidest things that big spenders threw their cash at. Get ready to shake your head and say, 'Really? They did what?' Let's dive into a world where having more money than sense is a lifestyle.

$1,850 Balenciaga 'Full Destroyed' Sneakers

Can you believe some idiot paid the equivalent of a mortgage payment on a pair of beat up old shoes that look like they were fished out of a river?

2) $12,000 Diamond Crystal Dog Bathtub

I didn't even spend 12 grand on my entire bathroom remodel but some dumb dumb bought a miniature bedazzled bathtup for their dog.

3) $95,000 Hippopotamus Sofa

Not only is it ugly AND expensive but it looks uncomfortable too!

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