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Amazing Firefighter Catches Child Thrown from Burning Building As Time Runs Out

On January 3rd, there was a scary situation in  Georgia. An apartment building caught fire, and families with little ones were stuck on the upper floors. When the firefighters showed up, they quickly came up with a plan to use ladders and get everyone out through their balconies.

But here's the heart-stopping part: Before the firefighters could even get started, panicked parents started lowering their kids down to the firefighters below. They were so afraid the flames would reach them before they could make it down themselves. It was a real-life, high-stakes drama, but thankfully, everyone made it out okay.

In a terrifying moment caught on a helmet camera, a dad on the third-floor balcony held onto the ladder and tossed his five-year-old child to safety.

Luckily, the incredible Captain Scott Stroup was present to catch the child.

He wasn't the only hero on the scene—Captain Jackie Peckrul shares that she was halfway up the ladder when she caught a four-week-old baby in her arms. This tiny infant had also been dropped from a balcony.

While these courageous firefighters might downplay their actions, the rest of us see them for the true heroes they are. Thanks to their efforts, everyone made it out alive.

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