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Toronto hotel forces customer to sign a WAIVER just to eat a BURGER

"I ordered my burger medium and the waiter took it with no question or comment," user Reit007 wrote in a post titled "Toronto burger came with a release form."

"She brought it and it looked great! When I had my first bite she brought me a release form and said we always make our burgers well done, but since you wanted it medium ... you should sign this."

The original poster said that they had requested a medium-rare burger at the Hilton Toronto Airport hotel. To their surprise, the server returned with a release form just as they were about to begin their meal. The server explained that due to the restaurant's policy of serving only well-done burgers, a waiver was necessary for the specific request. This waiver aimed to absolve the hotel restaurant from any liability for potential damages related to food-borne illnesses arising from the medium-rare burger.

"I tried to be nice so I paid and left, but could not eat the burger," they wrote. "How can you sign a form like his and still eat it?"

An astonished American tourist in Toronto garnered over 500 responses on Reddit after revealing that a Hilton hotel restaurant requested him to sign a waiver when he ordered a medium-rare hamburger.

Would YOU sign a waiver to eat a burger?

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