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Man Demands Removal from 11-Year-Old's Birth Certificate After Ex FALSIFIED paternity test: What would YOU Do?

A man on Reddit has been left REELING after finding out the child he thought was his for 11 years was fathered by another man.
At 18, the now 30-year-old OP took a paternity test after his then-girlfriend admitted to cheating during her pregnancy. The results affirmed he was the father. Fast forward 11 years, suspicions arose as his son resembled the ex's former lover. A retest revealed shocking deception – the child wasn't his.

Allegedly, the ex falsified the original test using the real father's DNA but inputting the OP's details. This revelation left the OP wanting to be removed from the birth certificate, aiming to eliminate legal ties without abandoning the child. Despite a lawyer confirming a felony, no prosecutors in his state would pursue the case.

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