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Where is Kate Middleton?

Where the heck is Kate Middleton?

That's the question on everyone's mind as rumour swirl about a monarchy in peril. In case you missed it, here's the scoop: 

According to official statements, Kate Middleton underwent planned abdominal surgery and the palace announced on January 17th that the procedure had been completed the day before. Her recovery period was expected to last until the end of January, after which she would be discharged from the hospital to continue recuperating at home. Concurrently, Prince Charles underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate. He spent several nights at the same private hospital as Kate before being discharged. Charles made public appearances entering and leaving the hospital, accompanied by his wife who visited him multiple times. However, Kate received fewer public visits, with only William seen visiting her once. This was to respect her privacy, although she remained in contact with her family and they had alternative means of accessing the hospital where she was staying. All in all, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Here's where it gets fishy: 

-Kate had to cancel several planned public events for her surgery, suggesting that the surgery was emergent and not planned.

-Why is Kate's treatment shrouded in so much secrecy? The King of England, Charles, also underwent medical procedures at the same time, and was photographed coming to and from the hospital.

-Kate wasn't seen for many weeks before the surgery.

-Kate's recovery time in the hospital was said to be "10-14 days," which is a long in-patient stay.

-Spanish newspapers have reported she is in a coma, which the palace disputes.

-No sightings of her have been reported—no blurry window or car photos. Considering the press's eagerness and the potential value of such photos, her absence hints at deliberate concealment, possibly indicating a complete photo lockdown. This is the woman who appeared in well-styled photos with her newborns within 24 hours of their births, likely at the encouragement of her family. Either her current situation is more serious or less conducive to public appearances than childbirth, or her willingness to provide "proof of life" photos has shifted.

-Speculation about their marriage being in trouble has arisen, fueled by a widespread rumor of William's infidelity with one of Kate's former friends. While the truth of these claims remains uncertain, they undoubtedly would strain any marriage. Numerous photos depict the couple appearing unhappy or maintaining physical distance, with both increasingly attending solo events and spending more time apart in recent years. While not conclusive, these patterns contribute to concerns about Kate's current situation. The timing, right after Christmas, adds to the suspicion, suggesting a desire to "get through" the holiday season before addressing any issues.

-William has maintained a low profile recently, with his appearance at the BAFTAs receiving a tepid reception from the press. Scheduled to participate in a significant service of thanksgiving for his late godfather on February 27th, alongside other European royals and heads of state, he withdrew 45 minutes prior citing "personal reasons." Additionally, the unexpected death of a minor family member, Thomas Kingston, occurred over the weekend under unspecified but deemed "not suspicious" circumstances. While initial speculation linked William's absence to this event, the palace issued a statement explicitly stating the two incidents were unrelated. Moreover, Thomas's own family still attended the service.

-Meanwhile, rumors circulating in the international press suggest that Charles' cancer, for which he is currently undergoing chemotherapy, may be more serious than officially disclosed. This is particularly worrisome given William and Kate's apparent lack of immediate readiness to assume greater responsibilities.

So the question remains: Is Kate Middleton's condition more serious than initially thought? Or is it possible that she has gotten fed up with William's ways and decided to stop playing nice?

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